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Solving the Digital Engagement Problem    

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Our Solutions

Micronotes' targeted interview technology combines big data analytics with the closing power of in-branch sales interviews to turn the digital banking channels into revenue generators. 


More Leads, More Revenue, Faster!

Micronotes Cross-Sell™ radically improves the productivity of bank cross-sell efforts by leveraging the digital banking channels to interview customers and deliver individually tailored offers on financial products without interfering with core banking functions. 





NPS® Measurement

Better Score, More Customers

Financial institutions, like most businesses, need to measure and improve customer loyalty – and compare current levels to competitive benchmarks.  Net Promoter® Score  is a widely adopted method for measuring, comparing, and improving customer loyalty. 





Anticipating Customer Needs

Good predictions are particularly important in cross-selling where customers expect that the enterprise knows them - and the best way to demonstrate that you know your customers is to accurately anticipate their needs.  



Social Media for Better Engagement

Micronotes Social™, bridges the gap between digital banking and social media, enabling financial institutions to target customers in social media based on bank held data to broaden the bank’s digital footprint and efficiently cross-sell.




Marketing for the Texting Generation

Deployed via SMS, much like an alert, Micronotes Mobile-SMS automates the referral process by interviewing customers on their mobile phones about unfinished banking business and sending referrals to front line staff. 


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