Micronotes Cross-Sell™


More Leads, Faster

Micronotes Cross-Sell technology radically improves the productivity of bank cross-sell efforts by leveraging the online banking platform to interview customers and deliver individually tailored promotions on financial products without interfering with core banking functions.

Invitation to Interact In-Session and at Online Banking Logout

  • Our digital cross-sell technolgy is initiated in-session and at online banking logout-- much like a post logout advertisement commonly used by Financial Institutions.
  • The consumer is presented with a "next best product" tile and an invitation to converse with the bank to receive a customized promotion.

Discover Customers' Needs and Preferences in a Short MicroInterview

  • Customer answers 2-3 questions about her financial product needs and preferences and selects her promotion preference.
  • Micronotes then emails the requested promotion to the customer
  • Nurtures the lead with a reminder email as the expiration date approaches.

Campaign Reports Allow Financial Institutions to Analyze Results and Follow-Up

  • Micronotes reports on leads generated by segment to the Financial Institution for analysis
  • Follow-up in order to close the sale through other contact points like phone, ATM, online banking, and in branch visits.

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