What kind of engagement rates can I expect to see from Micronotes?

We typically engage 20% of the entire online population every month.


What kind of click through rates and conversion rates can I expect from Micronotes?

Our customers typically get on average 5-6% click through rates (1% in session; 10-12% at logout) and 12-15% conversation rates. The improvement in productivity is between 35x and 350x.


How long does it take to install Micronotes?

Micronotes can be installed as quickly as 4 weeks depending on resource availability. On average our customers are live within 8-10 weeks.  We typically require about 20 hours of IT time and 10 hours of Marketing time to get the system turned on.


What does a typical Micronotes installation require?

There are 3 main components to install Micronotes: 1) the procurement of a customer data file (MCIF); 2) the insertion of the Micronotes code into your online banking provider; 3) the integration into your email server.


Which online banking providers is Micronotes integrated with?

Micronotes has already deployed its solution with customers who have Fiserv, digital Insight, Q2e Alkami and Jawalla as their online banking provider.


Does Micronotes also work with mobile providers?

Yes, it does. We are already integrated with some specific mobile providers, but if your provider offers both mobile and online banking, then Micronotes would function across channels without the need to do 2 integrations.


What kind of data would I need to provide you?

We consume all types of data in any type of format. That said, we do not collect Personable Identifiable Information (PII) but require a unique identifier so that we can target the correct “profile” with each conversation.


How do I provide my data to you?

Our clients upload their data file to our secure FTP server which is hosted on Microsoft Azure.


How often do I have to upload my data file?

We recommend that our clients upload a new data file at least every month. Most of our clients send us an updated file weekly, allowing better targeting and more accurate sales reporting.  


Is my data safe with Micronotes?

Yes, it is. We are hosted on Microsoft Azure which has one of the stringiest security protocol in the industry. We are also SSAE-18 SOC I and SOC II certified…so your data is safe with us!


How difficult it is to build interviews and launch campaigns?

Depending on how complex you want your conversations to be, interviews can take as little as 15 minutes to 1 hour to build. Most of our clients use our library of 80+ pre-configured interviews that include best practices for all product and services, and can be launched with a few clicks. Specialized campaigns can take longer to build and can be created using basic templates that are available for download. 


How many campaigns can I launch on a monthly basis?

The license you are buying allows you to launch as many campaigns as you’d like every month. Some of our more active clients launch 4 campaigns a month, others only 1. The more campaigns you launch, the more conversations you will have, and the more data you will be able to collect and feed to our machines so that they can get smarter every day.  


How does the machine learning component of Micronotes work?

Machine learning is a field of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. At Micronotes we use daily interview responses and regular data file to update our machines with new information that allows us to make better predictions. Our algorithms are continuously capturing the data, processing it, learning from it, and getting smarter by the day so that no interviews/question is wasted.


How many resources do I need to assign to Micronotes?

A ¼ marketing head should be sufficient to get the platform going.


Can leads be automatically be placed into a CRM?

Leads can be downloaded via the ‘Leads Report’ in the Micronotes’ Campaign Manager as a .csv file and leveraged in other channels (CRM, direct mail, email etc.)


Can I customize colors, fonts, etc.?

The Micronotes Campaign Manager allows clients to customize their app in-session, at logout, and in mobile. This includes background color, font color and font type, button and button border color, and the logo.


Can you include links in the app to redirect online banking users to specific pages?

Yes, the app consists of three offer types allowing the user to request a phone call, be redirected to the appropriate page (to learn more or sign up), and receive an email with more info.


How do customers opt-out?

Online banking users can opt-out from the logout interview by clicking on the “feedback” button. Users cannot opt-out of the in-session or mobile interviews.


What is a “courtesy email” and can it be replied to?

Every time a user accepts an offer (request for a call, request for more information, etc.…) an email is automatically generated and sent to the user to confirm the offer that was chosen. The courtesy email is sent on behalf of the financial institution and cannot be replied to.


What is a “lead email”?

Every time a user accepts an offer (request for a call, request for more information, etc.…) an email is automatically generated and sent to the financial institution’s front lines for immediate follow-up. The lead email can be routed anywhere within the financial institution (i.e. call center, loan officer, branch, etc.…) and includes all the information necessary for the representative to understand what the user explicitly requested and next steps.