Watch Micronotes founder and CEO Devon Kinkead explain the many benefits financial institutions can experience by using AI and machine learning to engage with digital users.

Our Platform

Micronotes' Conversation Marketing Solution combines big-data analytics
with the closing power of in-branch sales conversations

to turn digital banking channels into revenue generators and community builders.


More Leads & Revenue—Faster!

Micronotes Cross-Sell™ radically improves the productivity of bank cross-sell efforts by leveraging digital banking channels to engage users and deliver individually tailored financial product offers—without interfering with core banking functions.


Better Score = More Customer Loyalty

Financial institutions need to measure and improve customer loyalty—and compare current levels to competitive benchmarks. Net Promoter® Score  is a widely adopted method for measuring, comparing and improving customer loyalty. 


Anticipate—and Fulfill— Digital Users' Needs

Accurate predictions are critically important in cross-selling, because digital users expect their financial institutions to know them. The best way to show that you know your users is to quickly and accurately anticipate their needs so you can fulfill them.