Free Download Solves Banner Blindness? Whoa!

It's tough to get things tested  on a bank's digital properties which limits the pace of innovation. And innovation is badly needed to solve the digital engagement problem as branches empty, customers churn, and banner blindness persists.  

The best performing banking institutions, both  large and small, are also the most innovative like USAA  and Logix Federal Credit Union.   How do they do it?  They experiment constantly and yes, they fail productively.   But what about testing a new marketing automation system?   What about the cost, the integration,  the security, and the time?  Well, we've removed those barriers with -- you guessed it, a free 30-day trial of Micronotes Cross-Sell Basic.   Huh?  How could a bank possibly install and test a sophisticated cross-sell system for 30 days for free?   It would take 30 days just to consider making a decision on a pilot?  Glad you asked!  Let's walk through the common objections to trial:  

"I'd love to, but the IT department has a century long backlog." - No problem, you don't need the IT department to install Micronotes Basic - trial version;  all you need is a webmaster to insert a single snippet of automatically customized code on your online banking public logout page to create the interview experience below. 


"The BI group also has a century long backlog -- I can't get the targeting data." No problem, we only run one campaign around life events and we target everyone who logs out of online banking.  1/3 of your customer base is expecting a major life event, we'll find out who they are and send them to the right resources on your website.  

 "I'm really busy right now thinking up new banner ads to display... I don't have time to learn new software that listens to customers..."  No problem, the whole installation process takes about one hour and you're live.   Then all you have to do is look at the reports detailing your customers' life events and financial needs.  

 "What about privacy and security?"  No problem, the platform operates on your public website and no data is transferred from the bank to Micronotes, so there is no security risk to the bank or your customers.  And since Micronotes is a trusted supplier to the financial services industry, we have world class information security systems to support upgrades to our Pro and Enterprise versions once you see the engagement and segmentation results for yourself.

"How will my customers know that we're asking the question?"  No problem, you will customize the App with your logo and you can even tweak the interview language, if you want, to match your brand's voice. 

"I don't have a budget for this!"  No problem, you can use Micronotes basic for 30 days for free, then -- based on results, you can move to the full basic product for as little as $200/mo. depending upon the size of your online banking population.  It's hard to imaging getting anything done with $200, much less interviewing customers about their banking needs and generating ten times the number of leads you receive now.  

So, there you go -- you're out of excuses; it's time to innovate!