Keeping the "I" in AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can and does fall short of human intelligence, as shown in the examples below… but at least they’re funny!

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 4.15.25 PM.png

We too are counting on AI systems to improve and continue to enable humans to do a lot more but, the choice of what to let machines do and what to let humans do is the central question here.

Most AI systems are designed to respond to questions, not ask them – much like querying a database. A sales interview, however, is a designed dialogue or decision-tree.  Try asking Siri, “What do ask I someone if I want to sell a mortgage?” Here’s what you’ll get:

It's a Bing search result... I rest my case.

Okay, in the sales process, we’ve got two things to worry about:

1. What to say?

2. Who to say it to?

AI is a long way from being able to construct an effective sales prospecting dialogue encompassing discovery, options analysis, and recommendations. Interviews or decision trees, built by humans with a lot of subject matter expertise, however – work well. That’s why we enable humans to build decision trees quickly and based on deep subject matter expertise, like this:

The “who to talk to” part, however, is another story entirely and a great place to use machine learning. For example, if we classify buyers into high and low propensity groups based on their account history, demographics, and interview responses – we’re able to improve the probability that a conversation will generate a sale by 76% (from 0.17% to 0.30%), as shown below:

 N=2,981 interviews started

 N=2,981 interviews started

Fewer leads but more sales -- that's good for everyone.    

Maximizing the probability that a conversation ultimately converts to a sale is a job worthy of artificial intelligence where many factors have to be optimized simultaneously to maximize sales, systematically. An AI approach to digital sales enables marketers to start a story, and let the right people finish that story, with a purchase.

That’s how we keep the I, in AI. If you’d like to learn how to start stories that your customers can finish – get in touch with us, we’ll show you how.


To learn more watch the webinar posted below where MIT Artificial Intelligence expert Dr. Luis Perez-Breva discusses Artificial Intelligence 101 and how to keep the “I” in AI.