Digital Community Outreach

Everyone knows the Boston Marathon, but, how many employees from your financial institution participated this year, and how many digital (online/mobile) banking users at your institution know about it? While the marathon might not be your focus, community outreach should be! According to Lynne McQuaker in, "outreach into [the] local community is the most productive form of marketing and PR for any company. It's also the best way to build internal purpose for your team...which so many millennials crave". So community outreach is good for both user and employee happiness and retention. It's absolutely necessary to stay relevant.

Some complain that community outreach is challenging, given the decrease in branch traffic, and transition to digital. An op-ed article by Kevin Tynan in the Financial Brand says "digital-only relationships can work against the best interest of financial institutions, especially community banks. If customers don’t come in, you can’t see, sell or service them." So how do you make sure your digital population is aware of your community outreach? One of our clients has had employees run in the Boston marathon for the past two years. Leading up to the race, we helped them launch an campaign about it to all their users. Not only was the digital population made aware of the community outreach efforts, but 6.5% of those who engaged with the interview actually donated to the cause via the institution! Side note, this was all done in less than 3 seconds through a short interview that made users aware of the event and the option to easily contribute with a single click.

The Boston Marathon doesn't have to be your focus, but you are going to be completely out of 'the race' if you're not making community ties and spreading the word to your digital population. Micronotes can help, try it free here.