Usage and Adoption

A flyer for discounted milk as you leave the grocery store is a terrible idea; Not only is it a waste of marketing spend, but it’s a nuisance to the customer as well. This is the online bank marketing norm, and banner ad results are proof.

Talking to the right users, at the right time, about the right product, is crucial. Just as you don’t see snacks on sale after check out, you don’t pitch an auto loan to a user who acquired one last week.

When your financial institution acquires a new online banking user, it’s during, or immediately after sign up that you want to talk to that user about acquiring eServices and other relevant products. If you’re a banker you have seen countless products/services rejected by your online banking population because they were simply not in market.

This direct deposit campaign comparison demonstrates the point…

Direct Deposit Campaign Comparison

Direct Deposit Campaign Comparison

Learnings? Show less people + at the right time = fewer conversations and more sales. When we sign up for products or services we have an expectation for the experience. In the ‘old days’ this happened in a branch after joining a new financial institution, but now it’s done digitally. Rest assured, if you’re not having the conversation with your users, another institution is. See what it looks like here or try it for free!