Webinar: Live in One Day—A Fintech Paradigm Shift

By Kevin Flanagan, Director of Marketing, Micronotes

Pioneer Bank logo.png

FinTech innovations are changing the way banks and credit unions operate and engage with their customers and members. But one of the most frustrating aspects of introducing new technologies into financial institutions is how long it can take to get them up and running and—more importantly—delivering meaningful results.

This webinar highlights Micronotes' Live in One Day capability. Our AI-driven marketing automation platform for financial institutions can be deployed easily and rapidly. This accelerates the time to value by delivering actionable intelligence to clients immediately.

Watch the webinar and hear from Juliana Halvorson, vice president of marketing at Pioneer Bank in New Mexico, describe how the bank was able to obtain its Net Promoter(R) Score—among other benefits—as soon as it turned on Micronotes.