What's in it for you?

  • One ready-made campaign. Available to go live as is, or customizable to reflect your institution's unique voice

  • A pre-designed ad interface, branded with your logo, that appears when users log out of digital banking

  • High-value leads generated for mortgage, home equity, auto, and/or personal loans, and other products

  • Two sessions with conversation marketing specialist to help you maximize leads and analyze results

  • There is no charge from Micronotes for the trial, but your online banking provider may charge setup fees

Free Trial Logout Interview

Free Trial Logout Interview

Getting started takes about 1 hour—and requires NO IT resources.  

Instead, a short snippet of code is inserted into your public logout landing page with the help of your webmaster. Have more questions about how conversation marketing works? Click here to learn more about our basic cross-sell product you'll be trying out or click below to start your free trial today!

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