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More Engagement, More Revenue, Faster!

Micronotes Cross-Sell™ radically improves the productivity of bank cross-sell efforts by leveraging digital banking channel traffic to interview customers and deliver individually tailored offers for financial products without interfering with core banking functions.  Micronotes Cross-Sell can engage the same number of customers in 6 months that it would take decades to reach with banner ads.

Invitation to Communicate Effectively

We use analytics to present an interview in mobile or online banking - not an offer; because we don’t know exactly what each customer wants until we ask.  The customer self-selects an offer by responding to simple questions in about 10 seconds, or no offer at all.  Interviews are powerful because sometimes mortgage conversations turn into HELOC or wealth management conversations.  In other cases, the customer may requests a call about a mortgage — in Spanish!  

Regardless of the way the conversation proceeds, Micronotes automatically captures the segment information and sends it to the banking institution’s front lines, for example, a life events interview produces very different segments:


1. Call Customer.

  • Customer plans to pay for college in 1-5 years.  
  • They want to speak with a financial consultant about savings and investment options.

2. Email Customer within one business day.  

  • Customer is buying a home in the next 3 months and requested help with a mortgage.

3. Call Customer.

  • Customer plans to retire within 1 year.  
  • They requested a call with a retirement specialist to discuss how to best remain retired and not have to return to work.            

Same interview - very different needs; each sent to the institution’s front line for follow-up. 

How It Works

  • Digital banking customers answer 2-3 questions about their situation and needs and select an offer, if appropriate
  • Micronotes securely emails the segment & contact information to the institutions front lines for follow-up (or via CRM integration)
  • Micronotes automatically follows-up on leads with segment appropriate follow-up campaigns
  • Micronotes reports full funnel metrics, from impression to sale, in our campaign management console

A Completely Different Level of Engagement

Many financial institutions have given up on the digital banking channels as meaningful revenue generators given the essentially zero percent click-through rate of even the best targeted banner ads.  Micronotes delivers engagement and cross-sell results that move the revenue needle.  

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Login Cross-Sell Interview

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Logout Cross-Sell Interview

Key Benefits

  • Large volume of perfectly routed & segmented leads
  • Increased products per customer
  • Lower acquisition costs
  • Better retention